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The women behind the Masterpiece Image Consulting, Sonja Eloff, was crowned Mrs Africa 2nd Princess 2020.

β€œThe aim of the Mrs Africa pageant is to create a platform by which the unique qualities of African Woman can be showcased and touch the world.” – Mrs Carolyn Baldwin-Botha, CEO Pageants SA.


β€œAfrica Pageants emphasizes the splendour of Africa through their brand and magnificent title holders and finalists where their women shine globally. These are extraordinary ladies from an African Sisterhood whose legacies last longer than their year of reign – they have a positive impact in their communities and on the continent for a lifetime.”

# SheIsAfrica

Women with heritage links to Africa can compete in 5 divisions, representing their country of origin at the annual Africa Pageants Competition. The Pageant aligns itself only with ethical international pageant systems that are in line with their own ethics and vision. Their secret to success is their unique,

first of it’s kind crowning system where they not only crown main winner and 1st and 2nd runner-up, but they also crown the top 10 in each division according to a specific International Pageant standard. Thus, empowering more women to make a difference on the African continent.


Sonja Eloff
Sonja Eloff

Hi, my name is Sonja. I am a happily married, mother of two. I am also an Image Consultant, as well as a Pageant girl. I am driven, and because of this I entered the Mrs Africa Competition.

I’ve always wanted to become involved in charity organisations, to better the lives of those in need. Now I have a platform and an opportunity to do just that. In the process of becoming more involved in charity work, I want to be able to build my brand as an image consultant, and my company called The Masterpiece Image Consulting.”

Sonja is a natural ray of sunshine and extrovert who loves working with people and enjoys making new friends. If you want to join up with me or get involved in the projects I work with, please send me an email. I also do motivational speaking, fundraising events and so much more.

– Sonja, Mrs Africa 2nd Princess 2020: Ages 25-40 years, married.


This pageant creates opportunities for many women across our continent who have already gained valuable life experience, and who are able to uplift and support those who are less fortunate. The connection between the inner- and outer beauty is what draws me to this pageant – I believe I can touch many lives and help those individuals who have never seen their inner selves as strong or beautiful. As Mrs Africa 2nd Princess, I know I can’t change the world, but I know I can do small things every day, and that together we can achieve big things. Some situations are hopeless, but I am committed to restoring dignity in any way possible.


I will be involved in the Africa Pageants Foundation. Two main charities are supported through this initiative, namely #Surgery4Women and #Pads4Girls. These two fundraisers are not the only ones that I will support – I see many more opportunities where young women of our country and continent as well as our youth, and anyone who suffered at the hands of abuse or poverty, deserve a second chance. The work that I will do to support others on my journey to become the best version of myself, and wearing the Mrs Africa crown will be all about empowerment, restoring dignity and upliftment in my community.


Sonja Eloff

The Masterpiece Image Consultancy and Mrs Africa 2nd Princess 2020.
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Africa Pageants

Carolyn Botha – CEO/MD/Founder
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Christine Baldwin – Exec Assistant
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