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Complete Makeovers

Do you ever feel like you have “lost” yourself along the way? Do you feel like your style is outdated and your wardrobe is not exciting anymore? A lot of ladies think makeovers only consist of hair and makeup, but this is not true. We focus on everything, from the heart of a woman, hair, makeup, accessories, clothing, wardrobe and shopping.

We have different packages for your needs. If you feel like you just need a “clothing” makeover, we suggest you do a style and color consultation, together with wardrobe and shopping. This does not include doing hair and makeup. A clothing or “mini” makeover will only be a 3 hour session.

If you feel like you need a complete makeover, we suggest that we do a style and color consultation, wardrobe, makeup and hair. With this package we can do photographs as well. This will be a full day makeover. We also have a BFF option, where if you book your makeover with your bestie, we will give you 20% discount.

We can also create the option for you where you pay the makeover in 3 installments, and once you have a budget ready for shopping, we start the process. Which is a great option if you do not have all the money upfront.

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