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Corporate Styling

Corporate Styling is a must in the workplace and The Masterpiece is available for corporate styling, Gauteng, Westrand, Krugersdorp, Tshawe – as a matter of fact, any city in South Africa.

Many companies have asked me to do workshops on professional image. Every time the story is more or less the same. “Some employees dress too casual for work.” “Frontline staff are not dressed professional and their appearance lack neatness”. If your employees’ dress code is not in alignment with your brand, why not book a workshop?

I do Corporate Styling workshops in a fun manner, which means that a session can be booked for a year end event. You can also book me for a teambuilding event. The ladies enjoy doing a Makeup and Style workshop, and this will definitely improve your Companies’ brand as well.

As an Image Consultant, I have learned that a lot of people lack the skills needed to dress and act professional. My workshops are aimed at giving your employees those skills. I have two packages available for companies:

Corporate Workshop – During this session I come in and educate the staff on professionalism. Topics to be discussed can include, etiquette, dress code, professionalism, telephone etiquette and professional style. This can be a 1 to 2 hour session.

Corporate Masterclass – During this 5 hour masterclass, each of your employees will receive a style, color and makeup consultation. Each employee will be individually assessed and be given the tools needed to improve their own image. Together with this we also include implementing a Dress Code for your company. We will shop, source and bring the outfits to you, and dress your employees in unity.

AND REMEMBER: This is tax deductible

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